a letter from the editor

a letter from the editor

“Listen to your body, and respond in the most loving way possible”

My definition of self-care is simple: Listen to your body. Respond in the most loving way possible.

 I never expected that definition to double as business advice. When I first built out Emancipation’s mission and vision, I left them broad on purpose. Emancipation exists to give women the freedom and the space to define their own success by curating self-care experiences The company seeks to be a driving force behind a revolution of women living a simpler, freer, and more conscious lifestyle.

For the past ten months, Emancipation has lived into that mission by selling products to help women further their self-care practices. It has been a joy, but we want to be doing more. And conversations with customers and friends have shown that you want us to be doing more, too.

I listened to my inner voice. We as a company listened to you. This new chapter of Emancipation is our loving response.

The mission and vision of the company aren’t changing. In fact, I think we’ll be living into them better than ever before.

We’ll be helping you build self-care rituals, share stories, and cultivate care-filled community through:


  •    Blog posts from the Emancipation team and our team of contributors
  •    The Self-care Share podcast
  •    Our monthly newsletter
  •    Social media inspiration

Digital and in-person experiences

  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Retreats

and products.

We are ecstatic to be your partners in making self-care personal and practical for you. I hope you’ll join us for this next chapter, and maybe bring a friend, too!