“The beauty of self-care is that it’s always available.”

I didn’t start a self-care company to become a thought leader in the self-care space. I started a self-care company because I needed to figure out what self-care looked like in my life. There are dreamy mornings where I have the time and the space to experience every piece of my ideal morning ritual. There are mornings, like this one, where the first thing I do is scroll through Instagram, even when I know that doesn’t set me up for a successful day, and a little piece of me feels like I’m failing.

Shouldn’t owning a self-care brand mean that I have this self-care thing figured out? Thankfully, I’m learning that’s not the case. My role is to show the glory and the gutters of my daily self-care practices, to model what it means to have grace for yourself, and, most importantly, to amplify the voices of other women who are asking the same questions about self-care that I am.

The beauty of self-care is that it’s always available. Missing a practice doesn’t preclude me from caring for myself in the next moment and the moment after that. I can always return to self-care at any point in the day. So can you.